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Category 510 battery
Size Φ10.5*89.5mm
Color customized
Battery capacity 350mAh
Voltage 3.6V Red/3.1V Blue/2.7V Green
Charging Port Micro USB
Compatible 510 thread

Introducing our sleek and versatile 510 battery, the AB01. Designed with both style and performance in mind, this slim and compact battery packs a powerful punch to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

Featuring a round button design for easy and intuitive operation, the AB01 offers three different voltage settings to cater to your individual preferences. Choose from 3.6 volts for a bold and robust vaping experience, 3.1 volts for a smooth and balanced flavor profile, or 2.7 volts for a gentle and mellow vape.

Equipped with a convenient micro USB charging port, the AB01 ensures effortless recharging so you can keep vaping without interruption. Its 510 standard connection ensures compatibility with a wide range of cartridges, allowing you to enjoy your favorite oils with ease.

Upgrade your vaping setup with the AB01 510 battery and experience the perfect combination of style, performance, and versatility.