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Dual 510 Cartridge Battery

Category 510 battery
Color customized
Battery capacity 650mAh
Voltage 1.8V/2.4V/3.0V/3.6V/4.2V
Charging Port Type C
Compatible 510 thread

Introducing the newest AIRWII DUAL 510 Cartridge   Battery.

With its unique dual carts simultaneous vaping feature, and removable bottom base to insert and hide cartridges simultaneously or one at a time.

It's crafted to give vape enthusiasts the flexibility they've always desired.

Key Features:

-Dual Cart Simultaneous Vaping: Vape from two cartridges or single cartridge at once for a personalized experience.

-3 hitting options : Left cartrtidge/Double cartridges / Right cartridge

-Removable Bottom Base: Easily insert and hide cartridges, magnetic closure

-Screen Display: Stay informed with battery status, voltage, and puff count displayed on the screen.