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Category 510 battery
Material aluminium alloy
Color customized
Resistance 1.0-2.0Ω
Battery capacity 650mAh
Voltage 3.0V/3.5V/4.0V
Charging Port Type C

Unveil the clandestine elegance of the Secret510, a masterfully crafted battery designed to cloak your CBD cartridges in secrecy.

With its stealthy silhouette and understated charm, this device is your ticket to discreet indulgence. Its versatility knows no bounds, accommodating cartridges from 0.5g to 2.0g with effortless finesse.

Let the Secret510 be your silent confidante, ensuring your CBD vaping experience remains covertly sophisticated at every turn. Step into the realm of discreet luxury with the Secret510, where every puff is a whispered secret shared between you and your device.

How to use :

5 times to turn on/off

3 times to change voltages:

3.0v (red), 3.5v (green) , 4.0v (blue)

2 times to preheat,1 time to stop preheating

Auto-draw session:

5 quick puffs to turn on/off

3 quick puffs to change voltages:

3.0v (red), 3.5v (green) , 4.0v (blue)

2 quick puffs to preheat,1 puff to stop preheating


650mAh battery capacity

Magnetic Connection

3 voltage settings (3.0-4.0V)

15 second pre-heating function

Auto-draw /button active cartridge vaporizer

Compact and discreet design

Universal 510 threading

Compatible with cartridges 0.5-2.0g

USB-C charging

Short-circuit protection

Includes: 1- Secret 510 Battery